Maison De Sabre…My new favorite personalized phone case🤳🏼

I have been obsessed with monogramming everything that I own lately (I don’t know what I am going to do with all of these items when I get married one day), when I came across Madison De Sabre phone cases. They have cases for practically every phone out there in tons of adorable colors. It only took me a few minutes to pick my color of choice, choose what I wanted to put on it, and voila, my phone case was created!

I chose to write my initials on the case with a heart, because that is one of the symbols they offer and I could not resist adding a girly touch. I think that the only hard part about this process was picking which color I wanted!

It took such a short amount of time for my phone case to get to me, they have the cases shipped out within 1-3 days, which was shocking because it is personalized! When I received my case it was in the most darling packaging and the quality was even better than I expected-I mean they are hand-finished so I was expecting great quality either way.

I am looking forward to getting a new case from them next time I upgrade my phone, or maybe sooner because I want every single color…it’s free shipping so I might not be able to resist😋

Shop their cases HERE

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