April Soderstrom

I have always been a fan of the boho-chic jewelry look. If I can take a mix of brightly-beaded bracelets and stack them together to create a pop for any look, I absolutely will!The bracelets that I am wearing are the Evil Eye, the Ojo, and the Feather Charm Bracelet. Feathers are a huge deal to me because they remind me of my grandma, and they are often referred to as “a sign from an angel looking over you”. As much as I adore their bracelets, all of the jewelry they have is stunning and great quality. The hoops I have in are the Featherweight beaded hoops and they are so light I barely even feel them in!

Also, a fun fact about them is that they have been featured on E News! and were just spotted being worn by Gisele Bündchen!

Check them out, their website is linked HERE

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