Jewelry for a Cause

If anybody knows me, they know that I love supporting amazing causes. Made by Lexi is an incredible jewelry designer that donates $1 from her sales to the Alzheimer’s Association. It was so incredible when she reached out to me because that association is so dead to me. Not only is her cause so powerful, but her jewelry is absolutely stunning! When I received the necklaces she created I was in total awe. You can check out her custom pieces HERE.

The Alzheimer’s Association is so close to my heart because I lost my grandmother to this disease. I think that Alzheimer’s disease does not have enough recognition for how heartbreaking it can be for a person or a family that encounters it. One of my favorite activities to do after the loss of my grams is to go to the Senior Home for Alzheimer’s patients and spend time getting to know and caring for the wonderful people that have this disease. I suggest that anyone who has a spare moment and wants to feel their heart expand a million sizes with love should volunteer at a senior Home.

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