Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is my all time favorite holiday. Being a lover of chocolate, anything pink, and dressing up for special occasions is what makes this day the perfect day for me. Every year I plan a weeks worth of outfits that are based around a red and pink color scheme-because I think this day needs to be celebrated for an entire week, duh. My favorite stores to shop for the perfect V-day look are Grand Central Divaz, T-Madison, and Urban Outfitters. I think mixing a sexy bodycon with a neck tie or a pair of black skinny’s with a silk red blouse are two of my favorite looks for this Valentine’s Day.

Outfit Detail

Top: Comme Des Garçon link: HERE

Belt: Moschino belt link: HERE

Shorts: Levi’s link: HERE

Hat: Brixton link: HERE

Omar and I will be celebrating our fifth Valentine’s Day together this year. I have always been obsessed with Valentine’s because it’s the girliest holiday, but now I get to celebrate because I have the most wonderful man who makes me feel like it’s V-day everyday (tacky I know, but it’s so true). We always try to find a new and exciting restaurant to go to, because it gives me a perfect excuse to dress up and eat bomb food. Some of our favorites are House of Brasserie, Mastros, and Melting Pot.

Valentine’s Day is a day for love, so whether you are with friends, your love bug, or celebrating alone remember to be happy and spread the love.

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