Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to be grateful for your mom and everything that she has done for you. Being thankful for my mom is an understatement. I have looked up to my mom for my whole life, she is an extremely strong woman with a heart of gold. She taught me how to be independent and that nothing is going to come easy, you have to work for it. This is the mindset my mother inherited from my grandma and was able to pass down to me. Some of you may not know that my grandma has Alzheimer’s and we, as a family, are learning how to cope with it in our own ways. Having a family member lose their self to Alzheimer’s is the hardest thing I have ever had to handle. My grandmother was one of my absolute best friends. She was strong, hilarious, and had the kindest soul. It has taken a toll on me because it is hard to believe that a disease can alter someone’s mind to become something completely different than what they truly are. Although this disease has taken over my grandmas mind she has fought long and hard and it will not take her spirit. If I am ever sad she can sense it and will rush to my side with heartbreak in her eyes as though she feels my pain. She can still say the wittiest comebacks that make my eyes water with laughter, and you can feel the amount of love that she gives off radiate throughout the room. She can make my day by giving me a simple smile or acknowledging that she knows I am her granddaughter. Every day is not easy, but nothing in life comes easy, you just have to take it day by day and only do the things that you love (something my grandmother taught me). Even though she remembers me less and less with each passing day I am eternally grateful for every second I get to spend with her. My mom and my grandma were best friends throughout everything life has taken them through, and they still are even though the disease has left my grandma barely knowing she has a daughter at times. It is truly amazing the power that true compassion and love can have such an impact on a person. 

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