Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally peaking around the corner and in AZ that means a whole new wardrobe (preparing myself for the crazy summer heat) and lots of spring cleaning. I am typically a clothing- hoarder, I obsess over clothes that I know I will never wear again because I have a fear of getting rid of something I might possibly need to wear in the future (pretty crazy, I know). But I have been able to muster up the courage to go through some of my items and list them on resell apps and in some of my favorite resell stores. For those of you who do not know me I am a true shopaholic, I do not care how much is in my account if I see something I want I will find a way to get it. So now that I am able to earn back a small part of what I paid I have a little system so I can shop as I please. I have two favorite resell sites that I use on the daily basis, they’re like my best kept secrets to finding amazing designer pieces at prices that cannot be beat. I use Poshmark, which is an app that I can sell my clothing and purses on, but I can also buy other people’s purses and what not. When I first heard of it I was a little sketched out because I do not want to be scammed and buying online scares me because if you don’t like it you’re SOL! But I am pleased to say that this app has become my LIFE! I use it on the daily and it’s a great place to earn money and buy fabulous things.

The second place I go to is a luxury consignment boutique in Scottsdale. It is called To Be Continued and it will literally change your life if you have caviar taste on a fish sticks budget (or you just like discounted designer deals). This place has everything luxury and I have been going there for years because of the awesome product that they get in. The website is posted HERE

So those are my two absolute best kept secrets for how I stay on top of getting most of my designer pieces. Sometimes it is worth it to splurge and buy it right there in the store but if you can keep composed and wait until you can find it discounted it will save your sanity and your wallet! 
Outfit Details:

Find my top HERE

Find my shorts HERE

The shoes I am wearing are the Louboutin Beloved but you can find similar shoes HERE 

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