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I generally use my blog to post pictures of my fashions and interesting places to visit. But this whole post is about the man that I have spent the last three years of my life with. Omar and I met in high-school (so precious, right?) I do not believe that we ever thought our fun little relationship would ever blossom into what it has today. I do not want to get all mushy gushy but there is definitely something wonderful about finding someone who compliments you so well at a young age like I have. Omar and I have taught each other things that we never would have learned on our own and are constantly pushing one another to be the absolute best person that we can be. He actually was the one who truly pushed me into blogging, so that I could have an outlet to express myself. With all of the adventures that we have already gone on together it is crazy to try and imagine what else is in store for us! Also, just so everyone knows these are not engagement pictures…we were just helping a wonderful photographer with her engagement portfolio and we were lucky enough to get lovely pictures from it.

Photographer: http://karliecolleenphotography.com

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