Valentine’s Day Prep

Being your typical pink-obsessed girly girl you can bet that Valentine’s Day is my absolute FAVORITE holiday. Prepping for the day of love can be pretty stressful though, whether you’re going on a date with your lover, hanging with your girls, or staying in and watching your fav chick-flick. My recommendation for outfit choices are to have fun with the holiday, I always wear something red, pink, or overly lovey because it only comes once a year and it’s your excuse to be as girly and cliche as possible so take advantage of it! My recommendation for movies are Pretty Woman, The Notebook, and (my new favorite) Clueless. Wishing you all the best in the most love-filled day of the year!

Outfit Details

Find my sunnies HERE 

Find my sweater HERE

Find my jeans HERE

Find my shoes HERE


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